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With ScubaSeal Rigid Core flooring, you'll enjoy the unique and natural beauty of hardwood, with the durability and ease of maintenance of LVT. Our high density core is extremely durable and impact resistant. ScubaSeal Rigid Core flooring is so tough it's even suitable for commercial installations.

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The luxurious, regal look of Hardwood Flooring is timeless. And the Casabella collection of Hardwood flooring from around the world can satisfy the most discriminating tastes as well as the most vivid imagination. Species include Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Asian Walnut, Hickory and more. Most are available with traditional or hand scraped visuals and in solid, engineered or locking constructions so that you can enjoy them in almost any room in your home.

The collection features a water-resistant, AC3-rated, low-maintenance, and quick-install laminate flooring that showcases an exceptional wood look design. Combined with a signature mirror finish, its unique aesthetic adds an unmistakable elegance to any room in your home without compromising functionality and durability.

The Rajawali collection features water-resistant, low-maintenance, and quick-install laminate flooring that showcases an exceptional design. With its unique aesthetic and AC3 durability rating, this flooring adds an unmistakable elegance to any room in your home without compromising functionality and durability.

With grain patterns, a hand scraped surface texture that mimics exotic hardwood flooring, and beveled edges for an elegant finish, this Jatoba Laminate Flooring in Smokey Tan is the ideal for those looking for style and durability.

Haven is Mannington's latest addition to the award-winning restoration collection. This subtle, yet gorgeous pattern features 20 individual plank visuals in the most on-trend species in flooring today, European white oak. Haven will transform your interior into a calm, tranquil environment that only natural wood visuals can create. The texture is very minimal, allowing for the true natural character of the grain to be the visual focus. Haven fits seamlessly into the Scandi-Nordic interior trends as well as global boho interiors. Haven features 8" wide planks and comes in pleasant colors that enhance the beautiful undertones of natural white oak.

This durable luxury vinyl flooring features an understated modern style that can ably complement any room. Featuring an embossed, textured finish, these planks provide you with the subdued style and reliability that you want in your flooring. It is manufactured from virgin vinyl, which is premium vinyl that has not been recycled and is generally quieter. Also, it can be installed over pre-existing floor pads saving you hours of hard work. Once installed, you will enjoy the splendor of the beautiful shadow finish and square edge. And you will love the waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant coating that eases your mind and ensures the flooring looks pristine for decades to come.

Casabella Floors meticulously selects their products based on quality, value, performance and style to craft a line of flooring that offers the best of choices. Whether you want a floor that is a bold centerpiece, an elegant theme, or a subtle statement, Casabella Floors features a wide variety of visuals, materials and species to complement any decor. 041b061a72

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