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Cassava Flour Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donuts

Just imagine, moist and delicious cupcakes rolled into donut holes, then coated in cinnamon coconut sugar and drizzled with (or dunked in) melted dark chocolate. Arguably these could be deemed a dessert, but I have no shame in enjoying a few, yes a few, for breakfast with my morning coffee.

Cassava Flour Cinnamon Sugar Vegan Donuts

Then you allow them to cool before you roll them in the cinnamon coconut sugar. Tip: I find that spraying them with a spray coconut oil before coating them with the cinnamon sugar helps it to stick onto the donut holes better. And then as mentioned above you can either drizzle melted dark chocolate over top or just go straight for the dunk-aroo ?

These easy baked banana donuts are made with cassava flour and almond butter, sweetened with maple syrup and topped with a coconut cream icing. This healthy banana donut recipe is gluten free, Paleo and Vegan friendly.

These Paleo banana donuts are made with cassava flour and almond butter, creating a grain free and gluten free batter. They are sweetened with banana and a little maple syrup for just the right amount of sweetness.

Dip the donuts, one at a time, into the icing. Or, spread the icing onto the donuts, covering the entire top. Add any desired toppings such as shredded coconut, cinnamon, bee pollen, dye-free sprinkles or chopped nuts.

I made these and they were excellent, I just changed the icing to a non dairy vegan paleo cream cheese substitute ,as I wanted to cut down on the carbs in the tapioca flour and maple syrup. ( I am type 2 diabetic). Thank you they were delicious ?

These baked Vegan chocolate donuts are fluffy and moist with a nice crumb texture. They are made with cassava flour and sunflower seed butter for a delicious, secretly healthy Paleo chocolate donut. This healthy donut recipe is a great breakfast option for those with common allergies, as it is egg free, nut free, dairy free and gluten free!

I haven't had a real donut in forever. And, come to think of it, I don't think my two younger children have ever had a donut in their life, prior to this recipe of course. These cassava flour donuts are the perfect Paleo and Vegan alternative to conventional ones.

Yes, these easy Vegan donuts are void of a lot of things...but I promise, they still taste great. Perhaps not as sweet as your typical donuts (I like to keep my recipes lower in sugar), but still a fun treat that will satisfy all your baked donut cravings.

These gluten free Vegan donuts are made with a combination of grain free flours, sunflower seed butter and lightly sweetened with maple syrup. They are topped with a simple chocolate glaze that really brings them to the next level!

I have not tested any other flours in this grain free chocolate donut recipe; meaning I cannot recommend any substitutions for the cassava flour. Cocoa powder should work in place of the cacao powder, but I frequently use THIS brand of cacao powder in my recipes and love it. It can be found on amazon and at some Costco's.

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I will say what I always say. To get the best vegan cinnamon sugar donuts, you need to follow the exact recipe and weigh the ingredients. Anytime you sub a flour or ingredient, you are changing the result and sometimes it is a fail. Baking is a science, always remember that. However, I give suggestions below if absolutely needed.

No surprise here, another hit recipe. Instead of making more donuts with my extra batter I put it into a small ramekin, with some of the cinnamon sugar mixture in between two layers of batter. Oh my gosh, it was like my own personal delicious coffee cake. So moist and fluffy and yummy. Brandi really knows how to manipulate ingredients in the best way! This one is a keeper. P.s. I also made the almond butter chocolate chip muffins from your book at the same time and those are also to die for!!

So I substituted sifted cassava flour (120 g) for the almond flour, omitted the potato starch, and added extra 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp cardamom (since cassava flour needs extra seasoning). They turned out ok but rather dry. Next time I may add a bit of oil or applesauce to see if that would fix it. It made 15 mini donuts -10 minutes baking time.

OMG sooo good! I have been looking for a GF/Oil-free/vegan/refined sugar-free donut recipe for FOREVER, but never thought of checking your site (duh!) lol. I made them in my mini donut pan, and for anyone who may be wondering, they baked to perfection for 7-10 mins. I coated half in the sugar coating but used date sugar instead of white. The other hallf I left plain. YUM! I also only had about 3 tbsp of white rice flour left, so I used that, with the rest brown rice flour. I will MOST CERTAINLY be making these again!

Donuts are all rage in the blog world right now. How about a gluten free vegan donut for those of us with restrictions? Or if pumpkin is more your jam, my gluten free pumpkin donuts are a crowd pleaser!

My family loved these. I appreciated you sneaking so many good things into the recipe: oat flour, coconut sugar, chia seeds. I used both a donut pan and my muffin top pan. I think next time I will let the batter sit a bit more before forming the donuts; I found that the longer it sat, the easier it was to form them. Thanks!

These vegan donuts are full of cinnamon, deliciously sweet, naturally dairy free, eggless, and easily refined sugar free. And just like my vegan chocolate donuts, you can make them in just one bowl and in 20 minutes!

These super easy baked cinnamon sugar vegan donuts taste just like a bakery with a hint of nutmeg and full of sweet cinnamon! Easily made gluten free and refined sugar free, these healthier baked vegan donuts are perfect for a fall breakfast or treat!

These baked gluten-free and vegan donuts are incredibly tender, moist, buttery, and coated with cinnamon sugar! Ready in less than 30 minutes, these cinnamon sugar donuts are a must-try! Our all-time favorite donut recipe!

Mine turned out chewy. The batter was definitely not pourable, but I thought it might still work. Could it be the cassava flour? Any idea how much cassava to use? Sometimes I can use 1:1, but not always. Thoughts?

This vegan and gluten-free Vanilla Donuts recipe is going to rock your world and your tastebuds. Trust me, these are one of the best baked gf +v donuts I have ever made and they are super simple to throw together, too. WIN!

I love making donuts on a lazy Saturday Morning and these ones are especially great if you want to get the kids involved! They can help to make the batter, and then dip the donuts into the cinnamon sugar mix.

This gluten-free donuts recipe is especially perfect if you are a fan of all things snickerdoodles as they are dipped into cinnamon-sugar after baking. You can go the extra mile and drizzle some icing on top. I will give you the recipes for both.

Adding a layer of cinnamon sugar to any recipe just makes it so much better, wouldn't you agree? This Gluten Free Cinnamon Bread Recipe has not one, but two layers of cinnamon sugar in it.

And, the top of this bread has cinnamon sugar swirled into it, creating not only a beautiful loaf, but also a crunchy cinnamon sugary topping that is truly the icing on the cake in this quick bread recipe.

If you haven't heard of cassava flour before, it is becoming a more popular ingredient for gluten-free baking and grain-free cooking. It can be used as a substitute for all-purpose flour or any wheat-based flour in recipes.

The package of cassava flour says it can be substituted one-for-one with regular flour, however, I would recommend doing so with caution. Unfortunately, cassava flour can be a bit finicky and sometimes cannot be replaced one-for-one with regular flour in certain recipes.

Cassava flour is very, well, dusty. Meaning, when you open the bag, scoop it and place it in a mixing bowl, it'll kick up more dust (like with powdered sugar) than regular flour. However, cassava flour isn't grainy or gritty, but rather soft and powdery. It also absorbs liquid and moisture in recipes more than regular flour, so this is why it's not necessarily a perfect one-for-one substitution for regular flour.

I found cassava flour worked really well in this Cinnamon Bread recipe. How does cassava flour taste, you ask? Cassava flour has a mild, neutral taste, so you likely won't notice it's there. Why use it then? Well, it's got a lot of great characteristics - see below.

Next, pour half the batter into the prepared loaf pan, sprinkle with half the cinnamon sugar mixture, and top with the remaining batter. Sprinkle the remaining cinnamon sugar on top of the bread. It may seem like a lot of cinnamon sugar you're sprinkling on, but trust me, it's all good.

This gluten free cinnamon bread recipe can easily be adapted for non gluten-free and/or non-vegan diets. To adapt this recipe for non gluten-free and/or non-vegan diets, use any or all of the following substitutions:

made this for my boyfriend and he loved it!! i added a 1/4 tsp more of cinnamon in the cake and some light brown sugar to the cinnamon sugar mix (I did 50% light brown and 50% plain white.) turned out delicious! going to be anew staple

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE vegan baked donuts in the Fall. More specifically, I love cinnamon sugar-coated, apple cider-filled, fluffy, baked donuts! These vegan cake donuts are very similar to my vegan cupcake recipes but in the shape of a doughnut which makes them 1000 better.

Then, I add in the dry ingredients including the pastry flour, salt, cinnamon, baking powder, and baking soda. I like to use pastry flour in my Vegan Cake and Cupcake recipes as it leads to the best texture.

Honestly, I'm not too keen on fried food, so this pan is worth it if you're ever going to bake donuts! Plus, after you buy this donut pan, you can make my Vegan Lemon Lavender Donuts or Vegan Champagne Donuts as your next vegan baked donut!

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