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Because most new recruits must come from these recent high school graduates, this obesity trend also greatly concerns the U.S. military forces, especially the Army, which has made a fundamental change in its fitness testing. The six-event readiness assessment, called the Army Combat Fitness Test, is intended to replace the current three-event Army Physical Fitness Test, which has been around since 1980.

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Beginning October 2020, all soldiers will be required to take the new gender- and age-neutral test. Before that, field testing set to begin this October will allow the Army to refine the test, with initial plans for up to 40,000 Soldiers from all three components to see it.

Recruits who fail to meet basic height and weight qualifications receive a body-fat calculation based on abdominal and neck measurements. For recruits who exceed allowable body-fat percentages, the Army has a monitoring program that mandates monthly weight loss. The service also gives overweight recruits personal counseling to help them create a fitness and nutrition routine.

While not overly rigorous, this weight requirement was a serious problem for one young man in Las Vegas, Nevada who was determined to join the Army. His story should serve as a wakeup call for other young men and women who have had 18 years of bad habits, making them unfit for military service.

In addition to meeting the current height and weight requirement, young men and women who want to serve should be aware that the U.S. Army is placing much emphasis on physical fitness. The ACFT is more demanding than any other branch of the military and it will be fully implemented by October 2020.

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