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SCP-1357 The Children's Park

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter of SCP-1357 is to be monitored by Foundation personnel at all times, with a minimum of two security personnel posted at every entrance and exit of the park. Any persons approaching SCP-1357 are to be detained by Foundation personnel and administered Class-B amnestics. If the persons are carrying instances of SCP-1357-B, the instances are to be confiscated and filed in the Records Room of Site 45 (Cabinet-74) for possible future testing. On the 13th of every month, Foundation agents are to identify the persons receiving the new instances of SCP-1357-B, recover the instances, and administer Class-B amnestics to the persons involved.

SCP-1357 The Children's Park


When these requirements are met, a group of human individuals designated as SCP-1357-A manifest throughout the anomalous area. SCP-1357-A manifestations vary in age, ethnicity, sex, and gender. All instances are always uniformly costumed; the costumes are typically based on characters from various media1. The appearance of SCP-1357-A appears to be strongly influenced by the personal experiences of the youngest subject in the group. The instances of SCP-1357-A appear within the park as both customers and employees and are noted to be exceptionally amiable.

SCP-1357-B are tickets that read "Playland: Admits one person per ticket. Have a magical family experience!" in the native language of the recipients they are delivered to. Instances of SCP-1357-B have been found to be mailed to assorted families around the area, along with directions to the park and a short pamphlet describing SCP-13572. Instances of SCP-1357-B are consistently delivered on the 13th day of every month. The Foundation has not yet discovered the source of the tickets, nor has it found a pattern regarding the recipients of SCP-1357-B. Families have reportedly received anywhere from three to six instances of SCP-1357-B at once. If a ticket is not redeemed for entrance into the park before the 13th day of the following month, the tickets will disappear. SCP-1357-B will allow entrance into the park by any individual, regardless of whether they were the intended recipient or not. Any personnel that are not carrying SCP-1357-B that attempt to enter the park will be denied access by several instances of SCP-1357-A.

SCP-1357-A: Mr. Fredricks, that's certainly not important! [No members of Fredricks's family had previously revealed their last name to any instance of SCP-1357-A.]Agent Fredricks: It is important. Please just answer my questions. [aside to his daughter] Not right now sweetie, I'm trying to work.SCP-1357-A: Work? Why, Mr. Fredricks! There's no need to worry about anything so silly as work! Just have fun! Look, your daughter wants you to play!Agent Fredricks: [aside to his daugher] Hailey, I'll be there in a minute, I promise. No, I'm not being mean to Steve. Go over with mom, okay? [speaking to SCP-1357-A] I'm afraid that I must work right now. You are exactly why I have my job.SCP-1357-A: [sighing] I'm sorry, but if you can't relax, I'm afraid you're going to ruin the fun for everyone else if you don't stop.Agent Fredricks: Please just answer the questions. Now, how long has this park been open?SCP-1357-A: I'm terribly sorry to do this, but you seem to be upsetting your daughter.Closing Statement: Agent Fredricks was forcibly removed from SCP-1357 by three instances of SCP-1357-A. Agent Fredricks's wife attempted to exit the park, despite great protest from their daughter. As Adelaide Fredricks attempted to leave the park, several instances of SCP-1357-A separated the subjects, preventing Mrs. Fredricks from reentering the park and leading their daughter by hand back into the park. One of the individuals was noted as saying, "Don't worry sweetie, you don't have to leave if you don't have to! They'll be back for you later, when you're ready."

Incident Report-1357-Eta: Agent Fredricks was allowed to oversee testing of SCP-1357 on 16/10/2005. During experimentation, Agent Fredricks used a spare instance of SCP-1357-B and entered the area independent of the test subjects. Fredricks sought out the subject resembling Hailey Fredricks and reportedly attempted to converse with it. The subject did not respond and Fredricks ceased attempts at communication after approximately 15 minutes, then left the park. 041b061a72

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