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But interestingly enough, I\u2019ve long said that one of the most important teaching tools with high school players is to remind them, \u201Clet them serve out,\u201D especially when you have a tough server at the line. There\u2019s nothing worse in high school volleyball than some kid rocketing the ball 43mph and your passser shanks the ball that was headed 6\u2019 out of bounds. It was in my How To Beat: Louisville article. So maybe, \u201Clet them serve out,\u201D is an underrated concept in NCAA volleyball as well.

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On the other hand, if I\u2019m going up against Pitt, their serving control actually does make them a bit more predictable. I\u2019d pinch the interior seams a bit more, counting on Pitt to not go too aggressively for the sideline. You\u2019re going to see them pick a serving target in each rotation and hit that player pretty consistently. If I\u2019m Louisville; I\u2019m getting Scott to step into that zone a little more aggressively and might even have some times where I step into a 2-person receive as the server is starting their approach2 in situations where I am very confident about where the server is going.

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King found it very effective to build out of London, particularly due to the availability of world-class talent in performance marketing, media and advertising. Collaboration between the marketing and product teams was essential when it came to the mechanics of player reactivation and viral growth. This reinforced the decision to keep marketing centralised in Europe, rather than hiring locally in the US.

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